Hexapak 6 in 1 collection by THC

  • Dhs. 40.00

ThunderHead Creations(THC) Hexapak coil collection box is made for vapers who have many different coils but don't know how to keep and catogorize them. This coil box can solve your trouble easily and itself is very easy to carry when travelling. A must have for vapers!

6* Tiger Coil (0.3x0.8)xΦ0.4xID3.0x0.3Ω 
6* Transformer Coil (0.2x0.5)xΦ0.5xID2.8x0.5Ω
6* Ni80 Twisted Coil Φ0.3x2xID2.8x0.5Ω 
6* Clapton  Coil Φ0.2x0.4xID2.5x0.65Ω
6* Super Clapton Coil (0.2x0.4)x(0.12x0.5)xID2.8x0.55Ω
6* Staple Coil Φ0.2x(0.3x0.8)xID2.8x0.3Ω