Ruthless Antidote on Ice

Ruthless Antidote on Ice

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Antidote On Ice is the perfect remedy for the adventurous vapers looking for a new fruit flavor to add to their rotation. Antidote On Ice E-juice beautifully marries mango and blue raspberry with a kick of menthol to cool you down right.

For the mango lovers out there, the juicy explosion of ripe mangoes makes for an incredibly smooth and sweet inhale. As you exhale, the menthol hits nicely for a satisfying cooling sensation, and the blue raspberry gives off a tarty and electrifying finish.

Antidote On Ice vape juice is a must try for fruit menthol lovers for its distinctive taste, and if you like Strizzy, you'll be able to appreciate this one y'all!

Antidote On Ice Vape Juice

  • Incredibly Flavorful
  • Best of Both Worlds: Sweet and Tarty
  • Juicy Mangoes
  • Electrifying Blue Raspberry
  • Satisfying cooling sensation