The Salty One Apple Cereal Donut Milk 30ml Saltnic

The Salty One Apple Cereal Donut Milk 30ml Saltnic

  • Dhs. 60.00

The Salty One by Beard Vape Co. Apple e-juice takes a hearty look at this seasonal flavor and adds nicotine salts to the mix. There’s nothing quite like a warm apple cider donut to keep you toasty in the Fall, but Beard Vape Co. goes an extra step farther to bring you the ultimate experience. Rich cinnamon gets baked down deep into the full body of the apple as it is made into a crispy cereal and then coated around a glazed donut. If that’s not enough, a tidal wave of milk comes crashing into the mix to round out this delightful, breakfast cereal vape juice with a thick coating of creaminess. With almost everything you need to start the morning in one convenient place, all you have to do is stop to pick up your coffee.


Cinnamon apple cereal donut dunked in milk with nicotine salt.